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I offer counselling for trauma and abuse

If you have experienced trauma at any stage in life you may feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or a cycle you can’t emerge from. Trauma-focused therapy can help you get “unstuck” and finally start to move forward.

We start with simple safety building. Imagine you’re learning to drive a car. You wouldn’t zip onto the freeway until you’ve learned how to brake properly. We establish that simple foundation through mindfulness, relaxation exercises, safety instillment, and traditional talk therapy.

Once we’re on secure ground, we can start working through the trauma itself. I have specialized training in specific trauma therapies called Lifespan Integration and Observed and Experiential Integration. These therapies help you access your trauma experience and root it in a broader life story, rather than storing those separately in your brain.

Together we’ll try to make sense of what happened and look for resolution or ways to make peace with those experiences.

These stages aren’t linear—we’ll go back and forth as we build a level of safety and resolve memories you may have suppressed for years. We’re working towards getting you unstuck and freeing you to walk forward into life with fully engaged and whole.

Trauma Therapy: Services
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