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I practice play-oriented, evidenced-based therapy for kids

As one of the only male counsellors in Langley, BC, with a specific focus on children and child trauma, I bring a safe and positive presence to the lives of children and teens who may lack male role models or live in divided homes.

I specialize in therapy for trauma-exposed children—including abuse and neglect—but also for kids experiencing the anxiety of divorce and separation, loss, questions about sexual identity, or the conflict of being a “Third Culture Kid.”

Sometime the effects show up in the midst of parental conflict, but other times it may not present until years after a divorce or traumatic incident.

These behaviours take many forms, including:

  • Anger outbursts and other behavioural difficulties

  • Anxiety

  • Boundary issues

  • Depression

  • Dissociation

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Self-harm

  • Thoughts of suicide

My child and teen therapy is largely rooted in play. I create a safe environment with the right parameters for your kids to be kids. We make connections and solve internal problems by imagining or making art together.

Counselling for Young Children

I care deeply about the social welfare of kids and truly believe they should have the opportunity to thrive without fear, anxiety or anger.

Young children don’t always know how to express themselves with words. We use all kinds of play—sand/rice tray therapy, stories (made up or read), expressive art, dolls, blocks and board games—to express what’s happening without typical talk therapy. Often, when hands are busy, brains are freed up to process deep emotional issues. Fidget toys, balls, and bean bags can be indispensible tools for this.

To address profound trauma I use Lifespan Integration and Observed and Experiential Integration which help children process emotionally difficult memories. If you have questions about these, ask me questions about it in our first parent-onboarding session.

Counselling for Preteens

Older kids and preteens respond best to a combination of talk and play therapies. Because this group may often feel trapped in between childhood and adolescence, using both therapies engages both aspects of them. For this age group I use story cubes, the sand tray, socratic dialogue, reflective listening and mindfulness.

Counselling for Teenagers

Teenagers feel the tension of the comfort or nostalgia of childhood pulling against a fear of being seen as “childish.”

Traditional play therapy may not connect with them, so I use mainly talk therapy, paired with fidget toys or a sand tray to signal their inner child that it’s okay to loosen up a bit.

For teens, a key development milestone is finding their place in the world as a differentiated individual. Reflective listening and mindfulness help them take this important leap, and we can work on this together.

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